The squad structure provides several progressively graded training squads, with the objective of facilitating long term development, and in line as closely as possible with competitive pathways recommended by the sports’ governing body, the Amateur Swimming Association.


Each group is designed to benefit swimmers who are grouped together by various factors, including ability, competitive experience and training commitment. The number, duration and intensity of the training sessions are geared to levels of development and maturation.


Regardless of which group a swimmer is assigned to, all squad members are encouraged to take a full and active part in all aspects of their squad training programme.


Most of the movements from one group to another are based on a combination of age, performance, potential, ability to train, attendance, attitude and technique, not age or performance alone. Swimmers are expected to train with the highest level for which they have qualified.


Whilst this document outlines criteria and objectives, the Lead Coaches panel has discretion in waiving certain parameters on an individual basis. In reviewing each case, Coaches will consider the history of a swimmer’s commitment to training and competition as well as their work ethic and maturity.


Swimmers missing prolonged periods of training for various reasons (including but not limited to exams, illness, and holidays) may be invited to train with a different squad. When they have regained their fitness/skill levels, they may return to their original squad, but only at the discretion of the Senior Coaches Panel.

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