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Bluefins Squad Structure

At Bluefins we want everyone to feel part of a squad with a pathway relevant to their commitment and requirements. 
It's key for us to ensure swimmers are assigned to the correct squad based on commitment they can give, ability and performance (where appropriate). 
Training with swimmers of similar ability and similar goals will always provide the best experience that we hope will keep people in the sport for as long as possible, which is a key aim for the club.

Below is the Swimming Squad Structure that will show the flow through the squads and the various pathways available. Young swimmers are likely to start their journey in ‘Pre-Squad’ before joining our ’Skills Academy’. Once swimmers have learnt the key skills, different pathways are available. Swimmers will either be prepared for racing, as their main sport, or indeed working alongside other sports, or social swimming. Whatever their pathway, a key focus will be on remaining in the sport for fitness and life skills


Swimmers are able to move across as well as up depending on their needs, ability, and commitment. (this may also be temporary such as during exam times).


We are delighted to have a fantastic set of coaches leading our swimmers through their journey.

Bluefins Squad Structure & Pathways - Download


Squads Age Band Guide - Download

Squads_Age Band_Structure_Guide_24.jpg
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