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Spencer Turner

Age Group Performance Squad

Coaching Qualifications/Experience

  • Swim England Coach - Level 2

  • Swim England Teacher - Level 2

  • Personal Trainer – Level 3


Years in Swimming


“I got involved in club swimming when I was 12 with Basingstoke Swimming Club after a friend at school suggested I come along with him. (Ironic as I didn’t like swimming when I was younger and actually thought the line on the bottom was a snake).”


“I stayed with the club until I was 19, never really achieving my full potential (My fastest 100 free was a 59). Most of my swimming successes have been as a Master where I have alongside the ‘Dream Team’ set 2 European and 6 British Records. Last year I also went 54 and set my first Individual British Record. I recently became European champion in 100 and 200 FS and won numerous British Titles over the last 10 years.”

Coaching Background

I first started helping Steve Greenfield (ex Bluefins Head Coach) back in 2008 when my kids were in the early squads. Since 2015 I have been coaching Swimming at Wessex Wyverns, helping athletes to achieve World, European & British BIathle/Triathle successes. After being stuck in a desk job for 30 years, it was time for a change to get involved in what I really love. In 2018 I began to shadow David Wittig @Bluefins who I have always aspired to as being one of the best skills coaches. Over time I started to lead the Friday sessions and picked up coaching Club Squad. Keen to get more involved, in 2019 I became Squad 3 Coach and now lead our Age Group Performance squad and have the pleasure of coaching some great young talented swimmers with future potential. 

Coaches that Inspired me

  • Steve Greenfield - (what a legend) – he has a holistic approach to life and swimming and has been there and seen everything so a fantastic mentor. I was also lucky enough to swim in a team with him at the European Championships in Eindhoven in 2013. 

  • Neil Jackson – Ex Bluefins Masters Coach (Also went to Mexico Olympics in 1968) – inspired me to get back involved in swimming (as a Master) and re-establish my love for swimming. 

  • Ian Cameron – Ex Bluefins Swimmer/Coach and GB Junior Athlete: Took over coaching me in 2016 ahead of European Championships until 2018 and pushed me harder than I ever thought possible in the pool. Results followed but it was a tough journey. 

Favourite Set

As a Swimmer; it has to be the ‘Decreaser’ using my trusted friends – Mr Paddle and Mr Pullbuoy. 400, 2x200, 4x100, 8x50, 16x25 on rep cycles of 1:30 per 100.


As a Coach (and die-hard sprinter) it would be ‘40 x 25 Walk Backs’ on 70 – keeping the momentum going and watching the cheeks get more red as the set goes on! 

Favourite Racing Pool

Ponds Forge – Sheffield (anything in possible in Sheffield!).


Although I do have to eat my words after years of slating Guildford Spectrum I set my British Record there last year. Its too shallow, cloudy, too warm, awful blocks – but something went right that day and therefore you can achieve anything in any pool. 

Best Advice

Always focus on your weaker areas/strokes and not what you find easy. Skills not speed is key! (at 54 I am still working on mine).              

Favourite Quote

"If you want to be the best, you have to do things other people aren’t willing to do" – The Great Michael Phelps.

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