Bluefins Skills Academy Team

Jo Postins

Skills Academy, Skills Academy Pre-Squads and Senior Skills & Fitness Squads

"I started swimming in the early 70’s where I joined Basingstoke Swimming Club for a short time, this was back in the day when a Saturday night gala was all about going on the coach with your team mates and stopping for a bag of chips on the way home."

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Emily Budzynski-Seymour

Skills Academy and Junior Race Squads

"I started working in swimming at the age of 13 as a water helper as part of the Bluefins lessons program and progressed through gaining my level 1 and level 2 certificate and becoming a lead teacher. I made the transition into coaching at the age of 16 starting with the development squads and quickly realised I was very passionate about coaching"
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Laura Martin

Skills Academy Squads

“I have been a member of Bluefins since 2005 when the club was first formed, before that I had been a member of Basingstoke Swimming Club since learning to swim at aged 4. When I was 13 I began water helping as part of the lessons programme before becoming a qualified swimming teacher at 16, shortly after that I also became involved in the coaching side and the rest is history”

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Michelle Matson

Skills Academy Pre-Squads (Tuesday)

Zarra Jazzmyn

Skills Academy Pre-Squads (Tuesday)

Lauren Patrick

Skills Academy Pre-Squads (Thursday)

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