Bluefins Skills Academy Team

Jo Postins

Skills Academy and Skills Academy Pre-Squads

"I started swimming in the early 70’s where I joined Basingstoke Swimming Club for a short time, this was back in the day when a Saturday night gala was all about going on the coach with your team mates and stopping for a bag of chips on the way home."

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Emily Budzynski-Seymour

Skills Academy and Junior Race Squads

"I started working in swimming at the age of 13 as a water helper as part of the Bluefins lessons program and progressed through gaining my level 1 and level 2 certificate and becoming a lead teacher. I made the transition into coaching at the age of 16 starting with the development squads and quickly realised I was very passionate about coaching"
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Spencer Turner

Skills Academy and Junior Performance Squads

“I got involved in club swimming when I was 12 with Basingstoke Swimming Club after a friend at school suggested I come along with him. (Ironic as I didn’t like swimming when I was younger and actually thought the line on the bottom was a snake)"Discover More...

Grace Terry

Skills Academy, Skills Academy Pre-Squads and Senior Skills & Fitness Squads

"I have been involved in swimming since I was 4 years old for Winchester as both parents were swimming coaches. Was always more interested in chatting than swimming so only natural to go into teaching/coaching. 


Raced at Southern Counties for 400m and 800m Freestyle. Raced at National level in biathlon (run and swim) and triathlon (run, swim and shoot).


Now training for my 9th Ironman triathlon which the ultimate goal is to qualify for World Championships in Hawaii."

Michelle Matson

Skills Academy Pre-Squads (Tuesday)

Zarra Jazzmyn

Skills Academy Pre-Squads (Tuesday)

Laura Martin

Skills Academy Squads

“I have been a member of Bluefins since 2005 when the club was first formed, before that I had been a member of Basingstoke Swimming Club since learning to swim at aged 4. When I was 13 I began water helping as part of the lessons programme before becoming a qualified swimming teacher at 16, shortly after that I also became involved in the coaching side and the rest is history”

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