Masters Swimming is a programme designed to encourage fitness through swimming for adults over the age of 18.


Bluefins provides opportunities for people to increase physical fitness, improve swimming ability. Our coached programme features regular, structured sessions emphasising stroke improvement, cardiovascular activities and progressive fitness training.

Why Join a Club? 


People join a Masters Swim Club for many reasons including fitness, social interaction and competition. The health benefits are many - stress reduction, muscle tone, weight control, increased strength and endurance are but a few. One of the greatest advantages of Masters Swimming is to be able to practice with an organised group that provides active support for a healthy lifestyle through fitness, fun, friendship and participation.


Do I have to compete? 


The level of participation is entirely up to you, be it lane swimming, international competition or any level in between. The Basingstoke Bluefins Masters squad welcomes all levels of swimmers – it doesn’t matter how fast you are, only how much fun you have in the water! It is not necessary to have previous experience in competitive swimming - you just have to be able to swim to a set programme, in a lane with those with a similar swim ability. For our Performance Masters, specific drills are set focusing on distance and stamina.


There is a minimum level requirement for joining our Masters programme

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