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Preheat the oven to 175c/gas mark 3

Beat together the eggs and sugar 

Add the flour

Add the fruit (chopped and dried)

Mix together well adding the mix a teaspoon at a time

Pour into a greased cake tins or into cupcake cases

Cook in the oven for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown


Protein 44.5g



62.2g with 36g caster sugar,

48g with 1 tbs of golden syrup

30.2g with no additional caster sugar

Carbohydrates 233.8g

Fats 16g

Fibre 6.8g

Low Fat Cupcakes

This isn’t the healthiest recipe but its nice for a treat and its better for you than a normal cake.


3 eggs 

64 g dried fruit 

256 g of self-raising flour

32g caster sugar - you can choose how much sugar you want in this mixture as all given amounts works

1tbs of golden syrup (14g) Or no sugar at all (add extra chopped fruit for this)

¼ mug Skimmed milk (add more or less as needed by your mixture)


Chopped fruit of your choice I recommend

Apples (I recommend four but you can adjust according to your taste)

Bananas (I recommend two but you can adjust according to your taste)

Pineapple (I recommend two slices but you can adjust according to your taste)

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