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Discover Competitive Swimming with Basingstoke
Bluefins Swimming Club


We welcome new members at any time during the year into Basingstoke Bluefins and we can offer regular trial dates to help find the right squad for you. 


We cater for all swimmers through our Squad based training programmes and offer different pathways for swimmers depending on their requirements, commitment and ability, whether that be improving skills, competing, water polo, disability programme, masters swimming or just keeping fit in what we think is the best way possible. 

For general enquiries or to arrange a trial, please contact Ali at

Thank you to our members for their feedback


“The training in lockdown by the coaches has been fantastic! Please pass on our sincere thanks for all the efforts everyone has made. Sessions have been really enjoyable.”

“Its a real pleasure to see her enjoying it all so much  and I have been totally impressed with the quality of the coaching too.”

“Professionalism of coaching staff and staff understanding the importance of the wellbeing of children, he is loving every minute of Bluefins.”

“Loving the new App. It’s become our Schedule Bible and we now read every email. Thank you.

“Everyone was very welcoming, I’m really grateful for yours and the coaches time, the trial and the opportunity both boys have been given to join the club.”

“Thank you for all of your hard work getting children back to pool! My 2 are so happy with their squads and always come home smiling and looking forward to the next time.”

“I have had a brilliant year with Bluefins.”

“The swimmers were awesome too and I was proud to be a Bluefin.

“I just want to say the most enormous THANK YOU to all the kind and compassionate Bluefin’s team who helped and encouraged her!”

“Thank you Bluefins you really were amazing!”

“He was absolutely buzzing when he came out of the pool and really enjoyed the event. Thank you to the whole team.”

“The organisation of the gala was just fantastic and the atmosphere brilliant too.”

“You're doing awesome!

“Thank you for your support with all administrative matters, and massive thank you for all staff for supporting young people in developing swimming skills"

“Thank you for a great swim camp. Hopefully there will be more organised during the summer holidays.

“My coach is fab in a sense of talking to us in the way we understand what he wants to us to do and he is ok with clarifying what we have to do if we get confused.”

"Thank you for all the wonderful coaching and support over the years. Bluefins is a super club!

“All the coaches are brilliant and tiered to their age and skills needs.  But, how many clubs have a PhD Coach in Children in Sport? She works them, but keeps some fun in it.”

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