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If you have an interest in swimming, we would love to hear from you!
When you contact us, we will ask for a little information about yourself so we can put you in contact with the right person within the club. Generally we ask for your contact details, which area of swimming your are interested in for example; Lessons, Waterpolo, Masters etc.. and a brief history of your swimming ability.
Once we have this information, your details are passed onto our Lead Coaches who will invite you to come in for an assessment.
After you have seen the Coach, they will notify our Club Administrator of which group they would like to start you in. We do try to get new members in the pool as quickly as possible but this depends on the current group size, so you may have to wait a short while before we can offer you a placement. Squad movements are frequent so hopefully it will not be too long before you join the Bluefins family.

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