Evie Woodroffe

Junior Club Captain

How long have you been with Bluefinsand your journey so far?

I have been a member of Bluefins since September 2015 when I was 8 years old, having worked my way up through all of the squads from Dev 2 to Squad 2. 

I love competing at Open meets, County Championships, and this year I have particularly enjoyed racing as a team at the Arena League. Being such an individual sport, the relays and representing the club in a team event is something that I am really proud to be able to a part of. I have achieved both County times and some Regional times for this year too. 

Bluefins Swimming Club is such a huge part of my life. I have made lots of friends and swimming is a massive part of who I am. Swimming can sometimes be a really tough journey; it takes hard work and determination but so much enjoyment too. I hope I can be a friendly face that 


What’s your favourite set?

My favourite training set has to be: 12x50 form threshold FAD (from a dive) because it pushes you to get closer to your PB and racing other swimmers is always a bit of fun! 

Favourite competition 

The best competition is definitely the most recent Portsmouth meet, mainly because of the hot heats and the big bag of chocolates as an incentive to urge you on. And any meet with skins or PB’s is a winner! 

What’s an interesting fact about you we may not know? 

On the rare occasions when I’m not in the pool you’ll find my head in a book or a pencil in my hand. And my particular specialities are sleeping and clearing out the fridge-yum. 

I am immensely proud to be chosen as Junior Club Captain this year. My goal is to be a great role model for the year ahead. I want to spread my team spirit around and encourage having fun whilst working hard and supporting swimmers from all squads. Hope to see you all at training, squad social events and home or away meets. I look forward to the year ahead with you all. See you in the water.