Junior Club Captain

How long have you been with Bluefins and your journey so far?

''I joined Bluefins at the beginning of 2018, starting in Dev 2 (equivalent to Skills Academy Bronze), and now swim in the Performance program.  I started swimming competitively in March 2019 and instantly loved it.''

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Best moments (so far)

''My best moment so far was when Saffy, Lizzy, Keeleigh and I won a gold and a silver at the Hampshire County Championships 2020 in the Girls’ age 10-12 Freestyle and Medley relays respectively.  The atmosphere was amazing and I was buzzing for days!''

What’s your favourite set?

''My favourite set is 5x200 FC kick.  I love kick and I love pushing myself to the max and seeing how fast I can go!’'

Favourite competition 

''My favourite competition so far would have to be the Bluefins last chance qualifier back in December 2019.  There was such a positive energy, I swam well, and everyone was really happy and excited as we also had the Christmas Party in the evening.’'

What’s an interesting fact about you we may not know? 

''I had a slow start to my swimming.  During my lessons program I struggled so much that the lifeguard had to jump in and save me!  My teacher encouraged me to stick with it and said I could be a really good swimmer one day.  I’m glad that I took his advice, but my Auntie vowed never to take me swimming again!’'