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Please tell us a little about your child's swimming ability. 

Do they require an aid in the water: ie use a woggle, arm bands, float?

Can they move from a flat position on their back and return to standing? 

Can they float unaided on their front and back? 

Can your child maintain swimming without aids for the duration of the 30 min lesson? 

Can they swim with their face in the water? 

Perform a log roll from the back to front/front to back? 

Can your child kick in a streamline position for 5m? 

Can the fully submerge to pick up an object? 

Can your child swim 10metres on their front and back periodically for the duration of the 30 min lesson? 

Can they kick 10m in any one stroke? 

Do they have an understanding of breaststroke and butterfly kick? 

Can your child tread water for 30 seconds? 

Does your child have an understanding of sculling? 

Can they perform a handstand for 3 seconds? 

Can they perform a forward somersault? 

Can they push and glide for 10m using breaststroke? 

Can they perform a standing dive? 

Can they hold their arms above their head for 30seconds whilst treading water? 

Can they push and glide 25m in all four strokes (Butterfly, Breast Stroke, Back Kick, Front Kick?) 

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