Competition Squads

Training to TRAIN Stage

(Squad 5)


The Training to Train stage addresses the critical periods of physical and skill development.

Swimmers will learn how to train and learn the basic skills of the sport.


This group places a major emphasis on the development of stroke technique for swimmers normally aged 8/9 - 11 years. Also, basic swimming endurance and basic swimming speed are developed. The programme is designed to enable each swimmer to begin to gain experience in competitive swimming events. Targeted meets include Club Championships & Graded Meets.


Attendance at all sessions is encouraged to show any substantial improvement in swimming ability.


Swimmers wishing to progress to the next level of the training programme should be showing a desire and commitment to taking part in relevant competitions as directed by the coaching staff.


Training to COMPETE Stage

(Squads 3 & 4)


During the Training to Compete stage swimmers learn to perform the learned skills under a variety of competitive conditions and are exposed to all possible competitive conditions in training.


These groups aim to provide a progressive training programme for swimmers usually aged between 10-13 years. It should be seen as preparation of the swimmer for youth and senior swimming. Swimmers will be expected to compete in all strokes, distances and especially 200 m & 400 m Individual Medley events.


The main goals of these groups are to enhance stroke technique and improve cardiovascular fitness. Swimmers are introduced to technical/tactical skills and life skills such as time management, the value of nutrition and fluid intake for training and competition, and also training principles.


The competitive aims within the Squads are to progressively qualify and compete at ASA County and Regional Championships.


Attendance at all sessions as advised by your coach is strongly encouraged. Minimum attendance requirement for Squad 4 is three sessions per week, and Squad 3 is five sessions per week.

Training to WIN Stage

(Squads 1 & 2)


All the swimmer’s physical, technical, tactical, mental and ancillary capacities are now being consolidated with the focus of training shifting to the optimisation of performance.


On promotion to these squads, the swimmers will generally be aged 13 years and upwards and will be showing high levels of commitment to their programme and the Club. They will consist of motivated individuals having the dedication and desire to train and compete at the highest level.


Swimmers in these squads should be showing dedication to the sport through excellent effort, attitude and attendance, and attend the designated competitions assigned by the coaching staff.


Minimum attendance requirement for Squad 2 is an average of 5 sessions per week. Some Squad 2 swimmers may be offered an additional weekly session with Squad 1, subject to them already taking a full part in their programme, and on the recommendation of the squad’s Lead Coach, and subsequent agreement with the Coaching Director. Minimum attendance requirement for Squad 1 is an average of seven sessions per week however this may be adjusted up or down for individuals at the Lead Coach & Coaching Director’s discretion.

It is expected that Squad 1 & 2 swimmers will be competing at County Standard and above. Swimmers are expected to restrict taking prolonged breaks during the swimming season.

Experience shows that if a swimmer takes seven days off for a holiday during the training season, generally it will then take a further twenty-one days to regain swim fitness levels. In the meantime, the respective squad’s training regime has progressed.

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