Neil Phillips

Masters and Senior Skills & Fitness Squads

Coaching Qualifications/Experience

  • STA Swimming Instructor

  • ASCTA Development Swim Coach

Years in Swimming

“I only started swimming properly when I was 27 as an alternative form of fitness.  Before then, I had swimming lessons when 5 years old and in fact hated swimming”.


Swimming Background

Neil has been with the Basingstoke Bluefins since September 2016.


Unlike most swimming coaches that have gained swimming experience from being part of a swimming club in their younger years and/or maybe even competing upto a high level, Neil only started swimming properly when he was 27 as an alternative form of fitness.  Before then, he had swimming lessons when 5 years old and in fact hated swimming and for the following 20 years or so, running was his passion until he achieved his goal during his 3rd marathon attempt running it in under 3 and 1/2 hours.  


In 2008, Neil went to Austalia (Perth) to study to become a Primary Teacher and during this time he was influenced/encouraged by his peers to become a Swimming Instructor for local swimming centre as a part-time job and this is where his interest in swimming grew stronger.  He worked for a couple of years for after-school program teaching kids as well as adults how to swim and/or improve their stroke and then he also became a Swimming Instructor for the Department of Education (Australia) teaching kids during school hours.  


He was then approached by Tuart Hill Swimming Club to become an Assistant Coach for the junior squads as well as run their Learn to Swim program; managing the instructors and its 40 students.  Neil was invloved in coaching a select number of students from local schools/colleges and also help manage local swimming competitions against other clubs and schools. During this time, he enrolled in an ASCTA coaching course to further his knowledge as well as learning from the head coaches in creating swimming sessions and improving the swimmers' stroke technique.


When Neil returned to the UK in 2016, he wanted to continue his interest in being a Swim Coach and he later joined Basingstoke Bluefins where he coached kids and adults of all ages to improve their technique and fitness.

Favourite Set

500 FC (odd 100’s fast, even 100’s easy)

400 IM

300 FC (odd 100’s fast, even 100’s easy)

200 IM

100 FC (as 100 fast)

Favourite Quotes

"The difference between Try and Triumph is a little "umph"!


"There are no shortcuts - you get out what you put in!"


"Nothing changes if nothing changes!"