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Bluefins Swim League

We are also taking Level X one step further and are pleased to announce the 'Bluefins Internal Swim League' - based on the amazing ISL.


How it works? 

Swimmers will be allocated to one of our new teams - Marlins, Barracudas, Stingrays, Great Whites & Piranhas.


Points will be awarded - 6 for a win, 5 for 2nd etc.. These will go into our own Leader board which will be published here.

Coaches have ranked their swimmers and from that they will be assigned to a team - more details coming on who is in which team shortly! There will also be an award for Female and Male MVP's of the series (October - December) with the highest number of points and a certificate for all Level X participants. The Bluefins Swim League will include all swimmers competing from any squad. 

Bluefins Swim League RESULTS


As always we need officials and volunteers to run the meet, please use the links below to sign up.

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