Alice Mardell

Senior Club Captain

How long have you been with Bluefinsand your journey so far?

As I have been swimming with Basingstoke Bluefins competitively for 8 years, I am forever grateful to be their first senior Club captain. My journey with theclub has been nothing less than exciting, disciplining and most of all: rewarding.Starting in the very first squad and making my way to the last, I never would have thought that I could achieve as much as I have thanks to the coaches and Bluefins team. 


Best moments (so far)

One of these achievements must be during a competition in Portsmouth where I had a terrible 50m fly race and usuallythat would have knocked my confidence massively and impacted my racing for the rest of the weekend. However, I had afacials race for 100m fly in which I was seeded last and I put everything I had into that race and not only did I achieve a personal best time of over 2 seconds, but I finished first! Being able to pick myself up and perform such a good race was a huge milestone for me because as a younger swimmer I always struggled with confidence and although coaches and friends can help you with that, when you are racing it is all up to you to be able to believe in yourself and I would love to help other swimmers in this too.

What’s your favourite set?

It is really hard to pick just one, but my favourite training set would probably be:

3x200m 80%, 2x200m 85%, 1x200m 90%, 1x200m 95%, Dive 2x100m 100% 


This is all based on your 200m PB and it is a good way to start on a strong pace with technique and try and gold the technique while getting faster. It also sets a specific target for you to aim for and on the dive 100s your peers can cheer you on as if it is a race scenario and you can push yourself.

Favourite competition 

My favourite competition is in the London Aquatics Pool (aka the Olympic pool!) in spring. I love seeing the glass windows where the cameras are kept to film the swimmers and I also love thinking I’m swimming in the same pool that some of the greatest athletes have swum in like Michael Phelps!

What’s an interesting fact about you we may not know? 

An interesting fact about me that no one knows is that I was born in my water sack and the midwives had to get me out of it! It is an old wives tale that if that happens then you will never drown… Some may say I was literally a born swimmer!