Level X Racing

What is Level X? 

Level X Racing has been launched by Swim England to help us get back racing whilst maintaining current Covid restrictions. This allows swimmers to race on a National basis across, with results being published on a National Leader Board. Full details from Swim England can be found here



How will Bluefins adopt this?  

  • Bluefins will be running with Series 1 (October 23rd – 31st December) from Level X for our Race and Performance squads initially. Eligibility for Level X Rankings state you must be a Cat 2 registered swimmer and we are only able to race within current squads/bubbles. 

  • The plan will be to offer racing for our other squads once we have tried the format with those swimmers more familiar with racing as there will be measures in place to ensure we meet social distancing guidelines. Our goal will be to offer racing to all those in Skills Academy and above this year. 

  • Risk Assessments and strict guidelines are being written to ensure the races comply with social distancing and guidelines from Swim England.

What are we racing?   

  • Distances will be 50, 100 and 200 for all strokes, 400 free and 100, 200 & 400IM. There are cut off times on when these need to be submitted and our schedule will reflect this. Where possible we are aiming to give swimmers multiple chances certainly on the short distances. 

When will we race?    

  • Racing will take place during training times on a Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. 

What races can we do and how do we enter?    

  • All swimmers in Race and Performance will be expected to swim all four strokes for 50s & 100s, plus 100, 200 & 400 IM and 400 free events and certain 200s (there may be some exceptions on some swimmers for 200 fly/200 Breast for example). Coaches have advised the Bluefins Level X team on any swimmers that will not compete in a certain race and by default the swimmers will be entered on all other races. 

Will the races be seeded? 

  • Due to social distancing/Covid restrictions only 2 groups/bubbles will be in the pool at any one time, the same as training. The plan in the main is that Swimmers will race within their newly assigned lane groups, where lanes are ranked on ability. 

Can we wear race suits? 

  • Our aim is to make this as ‘race usual’ as possible in our current ‘new normal’ and offer you the best chance to post the fastest times. So yes, please do wear your race suits. However usual practice applies – you will need to arrive in your race suit, warm up in it and race it, then of course leave within that – so please bear that in mind when picking your suit! Using toilets/changing rooms to change suits is prohibited. 

Will we have officials and timing pads? 

  • We will have timekeepers (they do not have to be qualified but must be registered with Swim England) but our aim where possible is to use our J1s and J1Ts. There will be 2 officials in charge of the races so this is more simplified that what our swimmers are used too (less people in white). Timings pads will not be used, timing will be manual however we are planning to use the starting system, again to give our swimmers some normality. 

Are spectators allowed? 

  • Unfortunately, not, as per above, we are still to follow our return to the pool Covid restrictions, and this does prevent spectators. We also need the space on poolside to ensure our swimmers maintain social distancing. 

  • We are planning to create a ‘Closed Facebook Group’ for parents that are on Social Media for Race & Performance squads and upload a video of races. This will only be for swimmers that have signed social media and filming consent. If swimmers are in a race with a swimmer that has not given consent, they will not be filmed. 

Is there a cost? 

  • Yes, there will be a cost to all swimmers of £10 in Race and Performance squads. This will cover all races –over the Series 1 

When will my times be on Swim England Rankings?

  • We, as a team have 48 hours to submit times (this is a manual process) and we are able to submit each swim – so by swimming 200 IM twice in the qualifying period, both times are submitted, but your fastest will appear on the Leader board. National Leader boards are published as follows:

Rankings can be found here:  https://www.swimmingresults.org/levelx/ 

As always we need officials and volunteers to run the meet, please use the links below to sign up.