About Us

Basingstoke Bluefins was formed on 1st January 2005 as the result of a merger between Britannia Swimming Club and The Basingstoke & District Amateur Swimming Club.


With more than 700 members, the structure of the club is divided into five main areas:

  • Lessons (3yrs+)

  • Squads 

  • Disability to age 18yrs

  • Masters 18 years+

  • Water Polo

Throughout the club, our aim is to provide a safe swim environment for all ages; from early fun and games all the way through to national and international competition. 


We believe that each swimmer should be encouraged to develop swimming skills at a level and speed appropriate for them.


For our younger swimmers, we provide a lessons programme to teach valuable early skills, with squad based training programmes for those who are interested in swim fitness and competition.


Basingstoke Bluefins Swimming Club are a registered Charity (No. 1114225) operating on a not-for-profit basis and is staffed by some very dedicated volunteers.

Basingstoke Bluefins Swimming Club, c/o The Aquadrome, West Ham Leisure Park, Worting Road, Basingstoke, RG22 6PG
Registered charity England: 1114225

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